Attract Money to Your Dwelling

Front door and door numbers according to Feng shui.

More than 20 centuries ago, people discovered an energy tool for attracting stable financial profit – feng shui. The Taoist practice is based on ancient Chinese wisdom: “Wealth comes only to those who wait for it and know how to accept.” But if you think that the cash flow will come down just because you are diligently waiting, you are wrong. It is necessary to comprehend the main thing: the principles of the correct organization of space in the house. And you should start with the front door and the selection of door numbers with powerful financial energy.

Simple rules to harmonize the dwelling

In ancient times, the front door was called “the mouth of the house.” It was believed that both positive and negative flows of Chi energy pass through it. This energy is fundamental. It is a life force, air, ether, pneuma. Whether the positive energy of affluence will enter your dwelling depends on how the front door is located, what door number signs look like.

Feng Shui suggests adhering to several rules:

  • “Secret arrows” should not threaten the front door. Hidden external and internal sharp corners, projections of columns, corners of houses, spires, satellite dishes are called “arrows.” All of this directs negative energy towards the front door of the house.
  • The front door should be used for protection. It is recommended to install a strong and cast-in-block structure. The door should be the largest in the house, with regular geometric outlines, without bends and any inserts.
  • It so happens that there are windows on both sides of the front door. The energy of money slips away through them. Hang curtains and decorate windowsills with pots of your favorite flowers. Potted flowers trap Chi energy. The same goes for the windows located on the opposite side. In addition to curtains and flowers, folding screens, bells, and other barriers will also help keep financial flows back.

The color scheme plays an important role for the front door and door numbers, depending on what part of the world they face. If it is west or southwest, then it is preferable to arrange the entrance composition in a white, beige, brown, or silver shade; north – in blue or black; northeast or southwest – in brown or yellow; east – in green, black, blue; south – shades of red or green.

What does door numbers mean – real estate numerology?

Yes, numbers are taken into account. It’s not for nothing that humanity uses them to calculate the most important categories: time and money. Therefore, the most powerful energy is laid in the door number signs. When choosing them, you should know the numbers that are right for you. This is the only way to get a promising job, build harmonious relationships with loved ones, acquire properties that will charge you with the positive energy of the financial flow every day.

To calculate the number of your life path, you need to add all the numbers of the date of birth and the resulting number – together to get from 1 to 9. For illustration, DOB – 03/14/1990 – 1 + 4 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 = 29. Accordingly, the number of the life path is 9. But keep in mind that results such as 11, 22, 33, and 44 do not add up. These numbers indicate a lot of responsibility. CEOs, politicians, and other VIPs often have this combination in their DOB.

In any case, the main recommendation is the following: select the door numbers catalog in such a way that they correspond to the number of your life path in odd door numbers and even parity. If the number of life goals is one, three, five, seven, or nine, then the door numbers should be the same. Accordingly, an even house number is suitable for a life path with the numbers two, four, six, eight, eleven, twenty-two, thirty-three, forty-four.

Here’s a quick guide or what the door numbers mean:

  1. Suitable for those who want to gain independence, start over; colors – red and gold.
  2. For those who need peace and calm, and energizes closeness, imagination, persistence; colors – orange and silver.
  3. The number is considered successful; it is suitable for gatherings in the family circle, raising children, and communication; color – yellow.
  4. A place where you feel safe under all circumstances; colors – green and pink.
  5. Such door number signs are for travelers, forever young people. Guests will always come to you; color – blue.
  6. Suitable for a large family with a lot of pets and those who want to do business at home; colors – dark blue, indigo.
  7. For people who value personal space for creativity and study, the color – purple.
  8. Such door number signs are associated with profit. It is a strength for the owner of the house and a reward for charity; colors – white and pink.
  9. Suitable for mixed families with foreigners. Designed for the dreamy nature; colors – gold, bronze, brown.

Before you study the door numbers catalog and install the door following feng shui, understand the main thing: do not obey the laws of the crowd. If you want to succeed, be brave. Come home in a good mood, then the cash flows of affluence will open for you as well.

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