Maintenance Habits That Will Save Your Money

Running a company covers very wide range of responsibilities, many of which can make or break your business. To make things even worse, many of them usually pass completely unsuspected until it is too late. Properly maintaining the office space is certainly one of them, because clean and functional premises are one of the necessary prerequisites for any kind of productive activity.

Being buried under the weight of other, seemingly more important business components, office maintenance becomes either neglected or enormous waste of money. Fortunately, there are few ways to get the best of both worlds and have your premises well maintained without spending too much money.

Make Sure Your Management Does the Job Right

If you want any kind of maintaining duties to be conceived in the efficient and budget-friendly manner, you will have to make sure that you have well-thought out strategy, and appropriate system of management to coordinate the activities.

Make sure your management staff is well-informed and capable of dealing with such matters, and you will have much better chances of eliminating all the unnecessary wastes and slowdowns along the way. There are three things that can be immensely helpful in these efforts:

  1. Requests system. Or in other words, clear set of procedures defining who of maintenance workers should resolve any particular problem.
  2. Timetable of recurring activities, working shifts, and other time-related events.
  3. Work order. A roster showing list of responsibilities and managerial hierarchy.

Establish a KPI

If you want to know how well your workers are coping with their duties, and what are the sources of waste, you will have to establish some kind of performance indicators. This is where KPI (Key Performance Indicator) comes into play. The KPIs evaluate success of particular activity, or even entire organization, based on the number of requests – number of requests resolved successfully ratio.

Finding weak links within your maintenance staff, although unpleasant, is absolutely necessary if you want to make according corrections and provide valuable feedback.

Key Performance Indicator

Hire Professionals

Keeping as many of maintenance duties as possible under your company’s roof maybe looks like a great way to save money, but only at the first glance. Unless your staff is highly trained for some more complex tasks, such as plumbing, you will make more damage than good if you force them to deal with such duties. Instead resort to commercial plumbing, electricians, and other professionals to solve these problems. Same goes for the IT department. Outsource whatever poses a difficulty to your staff, and you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Save Money on the Maintenance Equipment

We are not, of course, speaking about the acquisition of various cheap and subpar products. There are other, more sensible ways to keep the equipment costs at the minimum:

  1. Buy products off-season. Various maintenance tools (especially those which are used outside) can be bought for far less money during the periods when retailers are doing their best to unload their inventory. You will have to think two steps ahead, though.
  2. Use discounts. Retailers tend to give tangible discounts if you are buying in large volumes. There are, of course, dozens of other discounts you can find if you just do a quick web-search.
  3. Offer your own products or services instead of money. Chances are that your company’s activities will serve as perfectly acceptable paying method, even if you will have to include some kind of third-party mediator in the whole equation.

As we can see, budget-friendly maintenance is nothing more than a matter of efficient management, careful planning, and economical thinking. With the things as they are, no respectful business should allow itself to stumble on such mundane activities.

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