Benefits of Having Tesco Credit Card and Tesco Car Insurance

In today’s economy, people are seeking out ways to save money. Whether it is your home, your car, or just your every-day living and spending habits, there are real ways to conserve on cash. An average adult has thousands of dollars worth of credit card debt combined with monthly car payments, rent or mortgage payments, and other obligations which can make day-to-day living tough.

Credit cards can be very useful financial products when used and managed correctly. Tesco credit card gives you the ability to purchase a good or service now and pay for it later. Tesco credit cards are also safer to use than carrying around cash. No one else can use your credit card even if you lose it, you can ask Tesco to cancel your card. On the other hand, in case of cash, if you lose it, your money is gone.

Another fast way to collect Club card points is using Tesco Club card Credit Card. For the points collected, you will receive Club card vouchers and they can be used to save on whatever you buy or can even be used to collect Air miles.

The key benefits provided by Tesco Car Insurance include a small courtesy car if your car needs repaired. It also offers an optional breakdown cover, 24 hour accident helpline. Tesco also provides you with an option to protect no claims discount of 4 years or more and discounts on servicing and repairs anywhere nationwide. It will also cover when driving in Europe, replaces car seat if damaged and the latest among the benefits include the option to go paperless and receive everything from Tesco Bank electronically.

With Tesco Car Insurance, you get comprehensive car features which include voluntary excess, personal accident cover, fire and theft cover, personal possessions cover and audio equipment cover. Tesco Car Insurance is the most comprehensive low cost, online cover with no frills.

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