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October 31st, 2018 is the deadline for filing income tax returns and if you wish to fill it then these details can help you. But in case you have missed it then fortunately, the income tax department allows the individuals to pay tax return even after the deadlines have been crossed. Though that can only be done with the help of a registered tax return official. In case of late income tax return, special steps are required but it is not impossible.

Exceptions in case of late tax returns

When it comes to exceptions, that are the people who are allowed to pay late tax return online, there is a procedure to be followed. You need to make a call to the authority and let them know the reason. In case they find the reason to be genuine like a natural disaster or a serious illness, then they can make an exception for you and let you file the tax on a later date.

How to file late income tax return online?

Paying the due amount of taxation is not the only thing that taxpayers need to follow. In fact, there are certain rules and regulations that have to be strictly avoided. The taxpayers are supposed to pay taxes before October 31st. In case of late tax returns, there is a fully-fledged penalty depending upon the income of the individuals.

Why should you pay taxes on time?

  • You may be imposed with heavy interest.
  • Late tax submissions cannot be revised.
  • There are sure shot losses of filing late tax returns.

Therefore, it is advised to file your income tax returns before 31st October in any case.
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Steps for e-filing late tax return online

Register yourself

Before you choose to file your income tax returns online, it is important to provide your credentials, such as name, place, date of birth, and TFN Card details on the official website.

Choose how much amount is to be filed

Select the download option available in the e-file return form. Fill up the details and choose e- file option right away.

Choose required form

People earning salaries, pensions, profit and income from properties have different tax liabilities. Make sure that you take the help of an expert or find out the exact tax return amount based on government rules and norms.

Fill up the form

Download the tax return form and fill it up by importing the relevant details.


After the relevant form has been filled, it is time to acknowledge the same by referring to the auto-generated number. If you have filled up the digital signature, you must check your email for the same.

Mistakes to avoid while filing late tax return online

Even the slightest mistake while filing the online tax return can cost a fortune to the taxpayers. Therefore, one should be very cautious while selecting the ITR form and assessment year.

  • The taxpayers must remain careful with the spellings of their name and personal details. One must double check details like TFN number, bank details, etc.
  • Do not forget to revise the income tax return filing. In case of errors, make sure that you correct it and submit the return once again.
  • Do not forget to report the correct income from the previous job.
  • Even if your salary has other deductions, it is important to file an income tax return.

So, these are a few important steps and information regarding late tax returns. Do not forget to pay your taxes on time.

Electronic Filing Late Returns

Electronic filing of late returns can be done in most countries through the relevant tax authority’s online portal or software. The process may differ depending on the country and the type of tax return filed. In general, the steps to file a late tax return electronically may include the following:

Determine the correct tax form:

The first step is to determine which tax form to file based on your situation, such as individual income tax, business tax, or self-employment tax.

Collect necessary information:

Gather all the required information, such as income statements, receipts, and other relevant documents.

Access the tax authority’s online portal or software:

Visit the relevant tax authority’s website and log in to the online portal or software using your tax ID or social security number.

Fill out the form:

Follow the instructions on the screen to fill out the tax form, accurately entering all the required information.

Please submit the form:

Once you have completed it, review it carefully and submit it electronically through the online portal or software.

It is important to note that filing a late return may result in penalties or fines, so it is advisable to contact the relevant tax authority or consult a tax professional for guidance.

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