Tamilgun Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu Dubbed Movies Download Site

Tamilgun Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu Dubbed Movies Download Site

(Business Wire) – Real Living Business Center, one of the leading nation’s leading real estate franchised companies, today revealed that it is launching a bold new internet strategy, Web Strategy, and Online Platform for agents and brokers. In this day and age, real estate agents have to use their web expertise to connect clients with lending institutions and other potential business leads. The company further stated that the new developments will make the agent’s life a lot easier.

  • “The idea is to combine all our business services under one roof so that brokers can access client files, calendars, lead capture systems, prospecting tools, and marketing resources from one place,” said Joe Giardina, director of real estate for Real Living. “We believe this will take our customer service to a higher level and really help our franchisees grow their businesses faster.” Joining forces with Jump Sites, a web development and management company located in New York, and having an established reputation in the industry, will enable agents to get more leads and business by sharing the same link-ups and website administration features across their franchisees’ sites. “This will give each agent more control over their site,” concluded Giardina. “In a time when every realtor needs a unified digital platform to support all their business functions, this is a major innovation for Real Living.”
  • The companies aim at giving agents and brokers greater control over their virtual business. The result is a win-win situation for everyone: agents can manage their own business better, their franchisees get the help they need to expand, and the whole business can share more profits. Real Estate agents currently use outdated methods such as lead capture, prospecting, and email campaigns. This new Web-based platform and website administration will not only improve productivity but cut down on costs and marketing time for both franchisees and realtors. This new innovation will enable real estate agents to take control of their virtual business and achieve even greater success.
  • For the franchisees, it will be easier to market their properties to people who are looking for them. They no longer have to pay to join local real estate associations or organizations. Now, anyone interested in buying a home or investing in a real estate investment can take advantage of this new feature and sign up online. Moreover, they do not have to enroll individually as every member has to be a member of the association. All the real estate agents will have the same portal where members can meet other members. As a real estate broker, he/she no longer has to seek referrals from other realtors to help them market their properties.
  • With this new feature, real estate agents can also offer more services and deals to their customers. In addition, they no longer have to deal with the hassle of handling appointments, handling payments, providing customer service, and scheduling appointments to attend seminars or meetings. All these things are now handled by the franchisee agents. Their clients can now focus on the things that they need, rather than having to worry about other things.

With the use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, real estate brokers can advertise the properties they have for sale. This service allows them to market themselves and their companies more effectively. These real estate brokers can now sell their properties directly to people who are interested in investing in homes. They no longer have to rely on third-party agents to do the job for them.

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