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Business Intelligence (BI) is a strategic business development discipline that is used to improve the internal functioning of any company. The term “Business Intelligence” (BIS) was first used in a joint meeting between the then President of the United States George H. W. Bush and the then Chief Executive Officer of the American company Enron. Their combined definition of Business Intelligence clearly implied that BIS would include financial, strategic, operational, and process intelligence. Business Intelligence Developer salaries, therefore, pertain to the professionals who have been appointed by large corporations as analysts who are accountable for providing strategic and tactical analysis and advising to their management.

  • The average junior business intelligence developer salary in America is $ Jamalinet, but the range usually varies between seventy to one hundred and twenty thousand dollars as of September 2007, but this varies significantly from year to year. Some companies may offer higher salaries than others. The median salary is likely much higher, particularly for recent graduates and young professionals. There are several factors that contribute to the variation in business intelligence developers’ salaries.
  • One of the most important determinants of BIS salary is the average total cash compensation. The average developer salary includes a market bonus (market value) that is dependent upon the size of the company, its profitability, and its competitive profile. The market bonus is a percentage of the developer’s average base salary paid to the company for the development and implementation of the strategic plan. Companies with strong financial performance and a solid performance record earn higher bonuses.

Developers earn their share of leads, which depend on their ability to develop and execute. Many BIS jobs require the creation of new prospects and opportunities, and the majority of BIS job duties are performed by outside contractors. Business intelligence developers with strong technical skills create new business opportunities for clients and executives. To become a lead business intelligence developer, a person needs to have excellent leadership and managerial skills. With the appropriate training and certification, there are a number of positions available for individuals interested in pursuing a career in BIS.

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