When You Need Money Now What Are Your Options?

Needing money, and not having it, is a cause of a great deal of stress. Worrying about money can affect every part of your life, both at work and at home. It is hard to think clearly when you need money fast, but there are solutions out there.

A few options :

Borrowing from close friends or family is a good option if they can afford to lend the money to you. Draw up a repayment schedule to make sure everyone is happy with the arrangement before you proceed. Having an arrangement in place means that should anything go wrong, such as you not being able to repay the money, the method by which this would be handled is already laid out. Doing this will avoid any bad feeling or family problems should you run into difficulty in repaying the loan.

Selling personal items is a good way to raise funds fast, but think carefully about what you are going to sell, as once it is gone you cannot get it back. Start with things you have not used within the last few months, for example kitchen equipment. Kids toys and clothes are always good sellers, as are electrical items. You can sell online, or via yard or car boot sales. If you are selling online you need to make the advert as simple and attractive as possible so that buyers think they are getting a bargain.

“I need money now” problem has other options to consider such as pay day loans. These are short term loans, designed to meet an immediate need and be paid back quickly. They are expensive to take out, but if you are confident you can repay on time they can be a good option. When you are in a position where you need money now, it is important to think clearly and rationally, look at all the options available, then choose the one that best suits your situation.

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