How to Use Your Credit Card Smartly?

People from every segment of the society are using credit cards to ease their financial transactions. The smart usage of credit card is an important aspect which everyone should know while using the card. The applicable interest rate and the repayment tenure are important factors which have to be notified by the card user. The concept of ‘good planning and budgeting’ should be followed while making a credit purchase.

The needs to be prioritized well and the vital needs alone should be focused for purchasing using the credit cards. The repayment terms should be thoroughly analyzed before starting a transaction. The card holder should possess the information about interest rates, penalties and reward points which are applicable. In order to avoid penalties, minimum monthly dues should be paid within the repayment date.

Reward points are important factors which attracts more customers in choosing a particular credit card. The cardholders should be aware of the reward points applicable for their credit card. The type and amount of transaction which generates reward points should be analyzed and the card should be used appropriately.

The available reward points should be redeemed at regular intervals of time at prescribed shopping stores. Pre-approved loans and cash-on-call options are other important features which are availed used credit cards. The low interest rates with reliable easy pay installment options are highlights in these pre-approved loans.

BPI bank is considered to be one of the best banks which offer reliable service to customers. BPI credit card promo Jollibee 2015 is a special scheme launched by BPI bank. Using this scheme, available points are redeemed for gifts or used to purchase product stuffs according to the cardholder’s choice.

The card holders who are holding BPI Express Credit Card are eligible for this special offer. BPI card is considered to be the best credit card in Philippines because of its varied compatible customer features. Many people are using BPI credit cards for their financial needs.

Promotional offers

Bpi credit card promo offers are significantly good when compared with other traditional cards. The commercial organization Bric’s Milano provides promotional offers for BPI card members. A 40 percent discount is allowed for BPI cardholders for their purchase made at Bric’s Milano stores.

BPI Family Credit Card provides attractive offers for house-hold shopping with less interest rates and low membership fees for card holders. This card is widely used in online shopping with 34 million MasterCard merchants. A cash advancement of 30 percent is allowed on the entire credit limit. Offers are also given for single receipt transaction of P2500, P6000 or P12000 at commercial outlets.

The transactions should be approved through a point-of-sale terminal. For a single receipt transaction of 2500, a piece of chickenjoy with rice and gray or jolly spaghetti are provided. For transaction made for 6000 combination of zert pie, HappyPlusCard and chickenjoy are provided.

A combination of chickenjoy bucket, plain rice and Happy plus Card is provided for transaction made for 12000. The cash advance transactions are also qualified for this promotional offer. These combo offers had attracted a lot of people in buying this card.

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