5 Tips For Lowering Your Energy Bills This Winter

During the winter, people’s energy bills will typically be much higher than during the rest of the year. There of course is a lot of energy required to heat a home during cold winter months.

However, just because that is the case does not mean you have to spend a fortune each winter. There are ways to save.

Below are five tips you can use to lower your energy bills this winter.

1. Open Up Your Blinds

Open Up Your Blinds

The ultimate source of heat for the planet is the sun. Make sure to take advantage of this during the winter. Open up your blinds and drapes on windows that face to the south and let in the sun’s warm rays. Make sure, however, to close them again after the sun goes down. This will help insulate your windows and prevent leakage of heat to the outside.

2. Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

According to Energy.gov, to save energy, you need to be aware of energy vampires. These aren’t creatures from horror films. They’re electronics and appliances that suck up electricity when even switched off. Make sure you unplug things like HDTVs, cell phone chargers, computers, toasters, DVD players, game consoles and lamps when they are not in use.

3. Program Your Thermostat

Program Your Thermostat

Just because it’s cold in the winter does not mean you need to be running your heat at 80 degrees during every minute of the day. Program your thermostat and lower the heat during times when your family is at work or school. The heat can be lower when everyone is asleep as well. Just don’t turn it off entirely for too long or your pipes might freeze.

4. Choose LED Christmas Lights

Choose LED Christmas Lights

According to the Department of Energy, LED Christmas lights use far less energy than traditional incandescent Christmas lights. They also last longer, are safer and are far easier to install. You’ll save on electricity and not have to replace your Christmas light bulbs as nearly as often.

5. Get Your HVAC System a Check-Up

HVAC System Check-Up

If it seems like your home just can’t keep warm no matter how high you turn up your thermostat, you have a problem. Such a problem probably indicates your furnace needs a tune-up. With proper maintenance and repairs from places like Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc. your furnace will be producing much more heat in exchange for far less energy.

Use the tips above and find other ways to get the most out of your furnace and electricity during the winter. While winter energy bills are expensive, you can mitigate some of that expense by being smart about how you use your heat and electricity.

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